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Dating owens-illinois glass bottles

dating owens-illinois glass bottles

This converts the bottle into a sippy cup, a cup with lid and spout for toddlers, which is intermediate between a baby bottle and an open top cup.
At that point two digit year codes (e.g., "46" for 1946) were used on most bottles types; in particular, beer, soda and milk bottles. .
There are multiple patents for technologies in this area.
For some examples of how to use this information to refine your date range see the Dating Examples page.Plastic caps for external threaded finishes: an excellent bottle dating feature.History edit Bottles with hard spouts date to early in recorded time, as evidence by archeological finds (see image).A pre-1935 date is possible since some spirits - free adult date line Studien particularly whiskey and brandy - were available to a limited degree by prescription through pharmacists to be used " for medicinal purposes only." Most pre-Prohibition (pre-1920) liquor/spirits bottles exhibit mouth-blown manufacturing characteristics,.e., they are uncommonly.Question #14 : Does the bottle have a shallowly incised circle on the base that is (usually) between 1/3" to 3/4" (10-18mm) in diameter?From that page the user will also be directed to other potentially useful website pages. .External screw thread finish - The bottle you have has external screw threads - which are usually either continuous or non-continuous or variations on these themes. .Bottles which have all the primary characteristics noted above 1, #3, #4) without the suction scar 5) were produced by non-Owens automatic or semi-automatic machines and are somewhat harder to precisely date, though the vast majority post-date 1905 also.28 29 The AAP policy recommends breastfeeding exclusively for six months, continuing it with introduction of complementary foods, with an overall duration of "1 year or longer as mutually desired by mother and infant".This allows for a high probability begin date of around 1900 to 1905 for most wide mouth, machine-made bottles and jars (Illinois Glass Company 1903, 1906, 1908). .Sterilization is also recommended in Australia, such as by Milton sterilizing fluid.If so, how many and what size/shape?Valve marks are almost exclusively found on wide mouth machine-made hollow ware - food bottles jars, milk bottles, and canning/fruit jars. .Sealed with an externally threaded screw cap;.Question #18 : Does the bottle have any type of glass/bottle makers markings embossed on the base (typically) or body (occasionally)?Ervence 2011 v 4:46 asci.The image to the left is a close-up of a bottle with bubbles in atypically high quantity for illustrative purposes. .
The 1908 photo below is from the Lewis Hine collection (Library of Congress) and shows an early, probably O'Neill (Barrett 2011) semi-automatic press-and-blow 4 mold milk bottle (which have relatively wide mouths) machine which came with the following caption: "Machine that blows 4 milk bottles.